Carbon-neutral revolution in the industrial sector

The developers of the 40NetZERO campus are deeply committed to carbon neutrality, a commitment reflected in the very name of the project. Spearheading the leasing efforts is Ugo Cianciulli, who passionately advocates for the project’s sustainability goals.

Cianciulli proudly states, “We are constructing North America’s largest sustainable industrial campus in Montreal’s vibrant east end.  From inception to completion, every facet of the 40NetZERO project adheres to the highest standards of sustainable development while at the same time exceeding the operational requirements of today’s industries. Our campus boasts stateof- the-art shipping and staging facilities, ultrahigh bay warehousing, tempered warehouses and a plethora of amenities, all prioritizing environmental sustainability.

“Furthermore, the 40NetZERO campus prioritizes employee well-being by featuring a pavilion designed for work, dining, relaxation, exercise, and learning. Recognizing the evolving needs of industrial companies, we believe that embracing ESG and R (environmental, social, governmental and resilience) principles offers a transformative strategy. These principles empower companies to adapt, innovate, and thrive in the face of contemporary challenges.

“40NetZERO is Good for the Environmental and Great for Business,” affirms Cianciulli.

Ugo Cianciulli

B – Bâtiment multi-locataire
Disponible : 55 000 à 200 000
Livraison prévue : T4 2025