Setting a new standard for industrial construction

The following images show some of the standard features of a 40NetZERO building.

Timeless architecture

Climate change ready roof

Climate change is an undeniable reality, and it's essential to ensure that our buildings, especially roofs, are ready to face its challenges. Our roof systems align with stringent MF Global 90 standards and boast an impressive insulation factor +R37. Key benefits include:

  • Superior Resilience: Engineered to endure, our roofs stand strong against heavy rain and fierce winds, safeguarding your space.
  • Energy Efficiency: Embrace cost-effective operations that significantly boost energy efficiency.
  • White Surface: Deflects sunlight and reduces heat island effect.
  • Advanced Water Management: Our drainage design efficiently manages increased precipitation and drastically reducing leakage risks.
Design and quality

Each building, while incorporating elements like state-of-the-art precast panel construction for durability and efficiency, will boast a unique architectural design and style. This approach ensures not only the resilience and longevity of each structure but also creates a visually diverse and stimulating environment. Our commitment to quality in both materials and craftsmanship, blended with innovative and distinctive architectural designs, reflects our dedication to creating a truly exceptional and inspiring industrial campus.

Solar power car port

Solar powered car ports will be installed throughout the Campus. Aside from offering shelter for vehicles against weather elements during the EV charging session, they are also an added tool in our fight against the urban heat island effect.

These modern solar carport designs also act as a visible symbol of your commitment to renewable energy adoption thus promoting public awareness and education about solar energy and sustainability.

EV charging

All buildings on our campus will be equipped with Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers.

Be part of our journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable tomorrow!

Solar powered lighting

At 40NetZERO, our commitment to a sustainable future shines through our initiative to use solar power lighting in all our parking lots and public spaces. This eco-friendly approach not only brightens our facilities but also underscores our dedication to environmental responsibility. Our advanced solar lighting, equipped with motion detection technology, is a cost-effective solution for safe and well-lit areas. It blends efficiency with safety, reducing our energy footprint while ensuring a secure environment for everyone. Join us in our journey towards a sustainable, brighter future, illuminated by our responsible choices.

Ample vegetation

In line with obtaining SITES Certification (the only private project in Canada) , the 40NetZERO campus will include almost 28,000 trees, shrubs and plants including parking facilities. Including green spaces and vegetation to parking areas offers many advantages:

  • Temprature Control
  • Air Quality
  • Stormwater management
  • Aesthetic
Bird-friendly windows

Most of our windows are designed to prevent birds from colliding with glass, a major cause of avian fatalities. They use patterns which are visible to birds but minimally intrusive to humans. This is crucial because it helps reduce the millions of bird deaths annually due to window strikes, particularly in urban areas. Protecting birds is important for maintaining biodiversity, conserving unique species, and supporting ecological balance.

Timeless architecture

Hidden truck restraint

The shipping area is the core of industrial operations.

An integral part of our comprehensive dock and signalling system is our automated retractable truck restraints, standard at every dock gate.

The retractible rstraints system is also resilient to snow and ice, impervious to damage from snow removal operations or ice build up.

Inflatable dock seals

All of our dock gates are equipped with an inflatable dock shelter. This airtight system offers the ideal solution for a wide range of trailer widths and heights, whether dealing with trucks/trailers featuring barn-type doors or overhead doors.

Shipping canopy

As an integral component of our standard building design, an underlit canopy is seamlessly incorporated into our state-of-the-art shipping facilities. This exceptional feature offers invaluable protection for both forklift operators and the merchandise being loaded and unloaded, especially in adverse weather conditions such as heavy rains and strong winds.

The strategically positioned underlit feature ensures ample illumination for drivers, even when the trailer is in the dock position. While many tenants may not initially consider this feature a necessity, our comprehensive studies have consistently revealed that industrial occupants who have experienced its benefits find it indispensable to their operations.

Exterior shipping area

To the untrained observer, most exterior trucking yards may seem unremarkable and similar in appearance. However, our meticulous collaboration with our team of architects and designers has been instrumental in optimizing operational efficiency, ensuring longevity, and promoting sustainability. In our pursuit of these objectives, we have implemented the following standards across every 40NetZERO building:

  • A minimum depth of 140 feet in front of each dock gate, providing swift and seamless access and manoeuvrability for 53-foot trailers.
  • The use of rolled-compacted concrete surfaces crafted from recycled materials, a sustainable choice that guarantees years of maintenance-free service, in contrast to conventional asphalt.
  • A subtle but essential slope away from the building, which mitigates the risk of trailers roof water dripping onto dock levellers, forklift operators, or merchandise. This design feature also reduces the potential for the accumulation of heavy rainfall beneath the trailers.
  • Whenever possible and functional, additional trailer parking has been incorporated.
Fenced yard

As an additional security measure, and to facilitate compliance with CTPAT requirements and insurance coverage conditions, all shipping yards will be enclosed by a robust 8-foot-high fence.

The control of access to shipping yards is a pivotal initial step in preventing theft and safeguarding against these significant risks.

Exterior walls

Our rear and side exterior walls are constructed using a minimum of 12-foot insulated precast concrete panels, complemented by IMP Panels that provide an impressive insulation factor of up to R29. This construction approach not only enhances security and energy efficiency but also guarantees years of maintenance-free usage, ensuring a lasting and sustainable solution.

Shipping doors

Our selection of a vertical leveller design ensures that our overhead garage doors establish a fully impenetrable seal. This innovative configuration significantly enhances energy efficiency by eliminating the open gaps and thermal transmission commonly associated with conventional dock levellers. Furthermore, it effectively prevents the ingress of dust, vermin, and odours into the facility.

Moreover, as the leveller remains shielded from constant exposure to external weather conditions, this design substantially reduces the risk of downtime and the associated costs of leveller damage.

Timeless architecture

Spans & Clearances

40NetZERO buildings are designed with a minimum clear height of 40 feet.

Our facilities include staging areas (speed bays) with a minimum extent of 60 feet.

Additionally, in pursuit of providing unparalleled flexibility for racking plans and layouts, the column spans within our structures are spaced at a minimum of 50 feet.

Vertical Levelers

Our innovative project redefines industrial facility standards by incorporating vertical dock levelers as standard equipment. This cutting-edge feature significantly boosts security and operational efficiency for our tenants. Vertical dock levelers provide a robust, impenetrable seal, markedly reducing energy loss and environmental impact. They facilitate a smoother, more efficient loading and unloading process, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity. Furthermore, these levelers are designed for durability, offering long-term, maintenance-free performance.

Control Panel

The control panel integrates all of the essential shipping components including the vertical leveler, electric overhead garage door, inflatable dock seal, “traffic light” and truck restraint system. Prioritizing safety, it effectively reduces accidents due to human error, enhancing operational efficiency with its advanced, integrated technology.

Pallet Racks

In order to better management of returnable palettes, our structure are pre-designed to take advantage of lost space above the shipping doors. Our facilities will include a single row of palette racking with the option to add a second.

Natural lighting

To create a positive and uplifting atmosphere in our warehouse, we are committed to ensuring ample natural light throughout the facility. We will particularly focus on expansive fenestration in the warehouse area, including strategically placed windows above the shipping doors. This design choice not only brightens the workspace but also significantly contributes to a more energizing and enjoyable work environment.


To effectively combat air stratification, a common issue where warm air rises and cool air sinks, we will install destratification fans at strategic locations throughout the warehouse. These fans will significantly reduce energy costs by enhancing energy efficiency and also improve comfort at floor level. This approach not only ensures a more consistent temperature throughout the facility but also contributes to a more comfortable and productive work environment.

Tempered Warehouse

40NetZERO facilities have embraced the latest in heat pump technology. This innovative system functions efficiently in various climates. This dual-function capability ensures a consistently pleasant atmosphere in our warehouses year-round.

A unique design

40NetZERO is a groundbreaking project in the domain of intelligent buildings and sustainable design. With buildings that surpass today’s environmental standards in North America, it sets an example for a greener future, where design and functionality are combined with zero compromise.

B – Bâtiment multi-locataire
Disponible : 55 000 à 200 000
Livraison prévue : T4 2025