North America’s largest sustainable industrial campus located in the heart of Montreal

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Surface area

7 million ft2

The size of 121 football fields
Rental space

3 million ft2

Starting at 50,000 ft2

$1 billion

The largest sustainable industrial park
in North America


Trees, shrubs and plants

Based on sustainability: your logical destination

An industrial park, workspace and innovation hub

Every aspect of the 40NetZERO industrial campus has been meticulously planned from inception to completion, aiming not only to meet the current demands of businesses but to anticipate and fulfill their future needs. Boasting top-tier shipping and staging facilities, ultra-high bay warehousing, and a host of amenities and common areas designed to attract and retain employees, this campus ticks every box. Remarkably, it achieves all this while prioritizing environmental sustainability, and does so at competitive leasing rates that make it an attractive choice for forward-thinking businesses.

Designed for life, built for work

Socializing, building connections, taking care of physical and mental well-being—these are some of the key components of an attractive working environment. The central pavilion at 40NetZERO offers spaces and features designed to respond to this new reality.

Intelligent buildings: optimizing efficiency in every area 

From climate-controlled warehouses to innovative shipping systems, 40NetZERO reaches new heights in smart energy use and operational performance. Take a tour of our facilities, which combine functionality, user-friendliness and sustainability—all with the aim of making life better for businesses and their employees.

Exceptional location

Montreal-Est is a strategic location for innovation and development. It offers a skilled labour pool, an active client base and excellent road access: all powerful performance levers for any logistics-based industry.

ESG+R: the cornerstone of 40NetZERO

Today’s companies and investment funds are increasingly recognizing the importance of integrating key priorities such as social responsibility, good governance, reduced environmental impact and improved resilience in the face of climate change. 40NetZERO is laying the foundations for you to achieve these goals. 40NetZERO is laying the foundations for you to achieve these goals.

B – Bâtiment multi-locataire
Disponible : 55 000 à 200 000
Livraison prévue : T4 2025