The largest sustainable industrial campus in North  America

The 40NetZERO project’s 7  million ft2 industrial campus embodies the values of sustainability, efficiency and innovation.

Supported by investment in the range of $1 billion, this international-scale project offers more than 3  million ft2 of rental space. Its campus, strategically located in Montreal-Est, is designed according to the latest advances in mobility, sustainable development and well-being.

Balancing the economy, the environment and efficiency

40NetZERO is in part a platform for companies that want to be part of the solution to current challenges, such as the climate crisis. This ambitious project demonstrates how it’s possible to balance economic and environmental goals within a framework of efficiency, innovation and sustainability.

In other words: “40NetZERO” is an equation that combines environmental awareness with substantive social and ethical values. Our project promotes responsible business practices, without compromising economic development.

Employee engagement and well-being

40NetZERO is firmly committed to the employees who work at the campus and places their interests at the heart of all its initiatives. The objective is to create the best possible working environment to promote work-life balance, productivity and a sense of belonging. Experts agree that these are essential elements for the well-being of any work team—  and they’re also necessary to meet the challenges of the industrial workforce.

Inspiring workspaces, optimal air quality, interior spaces with ample natural light and recreational facilities are just some of the advantages the campus offers.

40NetZERO is proof that business excellence and personal growth are not only possible—they’re essential. That’s the core value behind our project. 

Interiors with ample natural light

With windows well distributed throughout offices and warehouses, 40NetZERO’s buildings provide optimal natural light. It’s a key component to create a healthier, more stimulating and more pleasant working environment.

Ventilation and air conditioning system

Indoor air quality is a priority for the campus, which is why it integrates state-of-the-art technologies such as 100% electric intelligent systems. 

This system is part of our zero-carbon commitment: using energy responsibly is a central part of our mission.

Abundant vegetation

1760 trees   |  2130 shrubs   |  24,010 perennials 

40NetZERO’s plentiful vegetation helps improve the air quality and creates a more pleasant environment for employees.

Large trees also help to screen out unwanted noise and reduce the heat islands that are increasingly present in cities.

B – Bâtiment multi-locataire
Disponible : 55 000 à 200 000
Livraison prévue : T4 2025